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Molly the Pony

Molly was rescued by Kaye and Glenn Harris after  Hurricane Katrina. Molly came to live at their barn in St. Rose, LA along with all of their other ponies. There were several other rescues also staying at the time.

Unfortunately, Molly was attacked by a dog during her time with the Harris’. She was badly wounded. With therapy and care all of her wounds healed, except her leg. Kaye consulted with her vet Dr. Allison Barca and told her that Molly wasn’t ready to give up. She asked Dr. Barca if we could amputate. Molly had already proven that she was going to make it on three legs. She had adapted quite well. She would even go to a special spot that had a hill to lie down, to make it easier to get up. Dr. Barca contacted Dr. Rustin Moore at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Moore met Molly and knew if there was a perfect candidate for the procedure, it was definitely Molly. She was the right size, had the will to survive, and had a person that was willing to see her through all of it. After Molly’s surgery, she was fitted with a temporary prosthesis. Upon awakening, she stood up and walked right off. She brought tears to our eyes that day

After her stump healed, she was fitted for her prosthesis by Dwayne Mara of Bayou Orthotics and Prosthetic Center. He has been involved with Molly since the beginning. Just like humans, Molly has stump changes and needs a new prosthesis from time to time. Molly wears her leg for the greater part of the day and takes it off at night. She gets around fine both ways!

Since her surgery, Molly has been giving back to the community. She has traveled all over the United States. Molly spreads hope, love, cheer and courage to those who need it. She has been to schools, nursing homes, cancer camps, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospitals, No Barriers Festival, and Walter Reed Medical Center , just to name a few . Molly is truly amazing and enjoys her work.

Now that Molly is getting older, she needs a little more care (just like each of us does as we get older). This coming January will make 9 years since she had her surgery! We recently bought a pool for Molly because she really enjoys her water therapy!